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We are pleased and excited to announce that Dr. Kelly Maguire has joined Pine Tree Chiropractic and has begun clinic hours starting Monday December 21st, 2020.


span style="font-size: 12pt;">This year was full of changes to our habits. Some routines may now involve more time in front of the computer/tablet/chromebook for you or your children. Take a look at your children while they are using their screen. How does their posture look? Do they describe a sore neck or headaches? In addition to the neck muscles and joints, the lungs and gastrointestinal system can also be affected by poor neck posture. Are there certain habits that are in need of changing? Healthy habits in a developing body can have incredible long term benefits. Likewise, unhealthy habits in that same developing body can be quite detrimental. Another great quote to interject, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

We are delighted to help improve the quality of your life as we close out the year 2020. A few topics always seem to arise during conversations this time of year, one being resolutions for the coming year. Nearly everyone has resolved to try something new, some with success and some less than. The word that comes to mind around our office this year is a change of habits. Real success comes from reproducing a desired result consistently. The adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ comes only with repeated practice. Creating a new habit can be difficult, but often the implementation is as rewarding as its level of difficulty. Healthy habits or routines in our day compounded day after day often produce great results. Some examples of good lifestyle habits are: drinking a glass of water before the cup of coffee in the morning, taking a fifteen minute walk after the dinner dishes are washed, or even taking inventory of the weekly dessert count and replacing a sugary snack with a bowl of fresh fruit once or twice a week.

If you have the time and resources to fashion yourself a homemade standing desk, this is a great option. (checkout Sit or Stand: How to Make Your Own Adjustable DIY Desk | Family Handyman) The goal is to help your maintain a neutral posture while working in front of a screen. One of the biggest issues is screen height. If the center of your screen is not at your working eye-level, then your neck will compensate to give your line of sight the correct angle to focus on your work. A simple fix: place a book (or three) underneath your monitor or screen so that it is adjusted to your proper working height. Steps two and three are intertwined. Your back should remain against your chair from between your shoulder blades down to your buttocks. This means your keys and mouse (or touchscreen) need to be close enough to your body so you aren’t changing your core posture while reaching your arms out.

We would love to help you create healthy routines and good habits as we begin this New Year, 2021. We can start with a postural assessment, and see if chiropractic care can help put you on the right track to meet your goals this year.

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Dr. Wallace, Dr. Maguire, and the Pine Tree Chiropractic Team

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