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January 2012


Dr. Nelson

Introducting Dr. Wayne Nelson

Introducing Dr. Wayne Nelson to the Pine Tree family.

Pine Tree Chiropractic welcomes Dr. Wayne Nelson DC ACBR. Dr. Nelson comes to us from Yuba City, a small farming community in northern California. He has practiced in the central California region for the past 20 years and has decided to relocate his life and practice to the much more quiet enclaves of Klamath County.

Dr. Nelson is a board certified rehabilitation specialist who is able to integrate a practical functional approach to a holistic model of health. Additionally, he is quite comfortable working in a multidisciplinary environment with extensive experience in diagnostics, lab work and in making appropriate and timely referrals. He has worked extensively with training facilities such as cross-fit, and with individual trainers, physical therapists and work place ergonomic specialists. He is uniquely qualified to help you develop a lifestyle appropriate conditioning program to enhance your health and optimize your Chiropractic care. He most certainly will continue with the philosophy of "improving the quality of your life."

Dr. Nelson received his BA in music from Cal State San Francisco then his BS in Biology and his Chiropractic degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He is a trained classical guitarist and an accomplished chef having apprenticed under notable french culinary experts. He is an avid mountain biker, fly fisherman and enjoys downhill skiing. He is going to fit well in the Klamath community, and will bring a breath of fresh air to the clinic and be a real asset to our city.

Dr. Nelson will start seeing patients on Monday, December 19th so please call the office today to schedule an appointment. Please feel free to link to Dr. Nelson's website at

We'll look forward to your phone call and getting you scheduled with Dr. Nelson.

Blessings to you all and your families during the Christmas season.

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