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We live in a world full of pathogens; bacteria and viruses that our bodies are constantly exposed to. Sickness occurs when our immune system succumbs, is overwhelmed, or in otherwise insufficient to defend our bodies. Reacting to sickness is never as efficient or effective as proactively preventing that sickness from taking hold. Stimulating your immune system; maintaining a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, consistently exercise, practice appropriate hygiene (hand washing, fist bumping instead of hand shaking, sneeze in your elbow) and maintain a healthy nervous system through spinal health, and consistent chiropractic care.

Questions or concerns about how to best navigate our current healthcare climate, give us a call. Supplements to provide immune support, give us a call. Wellness care and a timely adjustment, give us a call.



School physicals as always are complimentary to student athletes. For injuries and pain let chiropractic be your first choice for an effective and efficient healthy outcome.


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