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January 2014

Announcing Dr Wallace's return to
Pine Tree Chiropractic

To all our patients, client’s, colleagues and friends,

Joanne and I would first and foremost like to thank all those who have stood by and supported us over these last 2 years. Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much.

Our journey has been difficult, but also quite remarkable. Our family has rallied, and come together in a way I could not have imagined. We have truly experienced the miraculous.

I am truly sorry, profoundly sorry, for my actions that led to my suspension in 2011. I have either hurt, disappointed, offended or let down many. I ask for your forgiveness and understanding. We move forward in the full confidence of the redemptive and restorative power of our God who forgives, saves, heals, and restores.

Monday, February 3rd I return to the clinic - you’ll find many changes. Most notably are those that are within me. There are many other changes that I believe will serve to enhance and heighten the clinical experience. There will be a full time chaperone. Openness and transparency will be present at all times.

Our approach to health remains the same. Health is a gift given to us and lies within each of us. The potential to be well, to heal and to be vital rests within all. Providing you with knowledge and natural care that is drug free, and seeks to get to the core of the issue, is the cornerstone of what we do; empowering you to be well and not just symptom free. I have long stated that the cornerstones of health, the pillars that it rests on, are diet, exercise, lifestyle, and good quality chiropractic care. Health is not the absence of symptoms, but an optimal state of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

We will begin seeing patients on Monday, February 3rd. You can follow us on Facebook or on our website, to keep up with clinic news. We eagerly look forward to reconnecting with all the Pine Tree family.


Thank you and God Bless,

Dr. Scott Wallace, Joanne and family

Pine Tree Chiropractic is pleased to announce the addition to our staff of Matt Pickrel

Matt originally hails from Southern California.  He has recently moved to Klamath Falls and immediately fell in love with the community and the beautiful scenery and the lifestyle.  Matt possesses his B.A. in religion studies from Vanguard University.  He speaks Spanish and is a trained EMT. 

Off duty, Matt is actively involved in Church. He mountain bikes and enjoys backpacking with his friends.

We are grateful and fortunate to count Matt as a member of our staff and is our pleasure to present him to Klamath Falls.

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