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Dr. Wallace - brings 20 years of demonstrated clinical excellence to our community. He utilizes an integrative approach to health care that includes alongside quality Chiropractic care, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. As a young teen, he was introduced to Chiropractic in a manner that had a profound impact on his health, and subsequently on his life’s ambition. It has been his desire since then to bring to others that same experience. His approach to health is simple; “Health is a gift given to us and lies within each of us. The potential to be well, to heal and to be vital rests within all. Providing you with natural care that is drug free, and seeks to get to the core of the issue, is foundational to what I do; to provide you with knowledge and empower you to be well and not just symptom free. I have long stated that the cornerstones of health, the pillars that it rests on, are diet, exercise, lifestyle, and good quality chiropractic care. Even the World Health Organization’s own definition of health states that, “Health is not the absence of symptoms, but an optimal state of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.”

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What THEY say...

"He is a Fantastic Chiropractor.  He has solved problems that other doctors didn't know what to do."  2/21 JP

"This office is the best!  You've helped me personally, my grandchildren and now helping my son walk without pain.  God Bless and keep up the great healing work" 2/21 BA

"I have never been to a doctor's office that was as welcoming and entertaining and completely comfortable as pine tree.  I recommend this office to everyone who needs it."  12/20 AB

"Best family you can have outside of your family.  Best support ever.  Always the best care and concern.  11/20 NW

"Found them on google and I’m glad I did. I threw my back out cleaning up around the ranch prepping for the my wedding the following weekend. Scott’s facility is state of the art one of the best I’ve ever encountered. From the staff, to the faculty, to the adjustment & to Scott himself was all top notch. He really cares about you and giving you a great customer service experience. Owning a business myself he really goes above and beyond to make sure he treats you correctly and has a plan to get you balanced and back on the right track. He went as far as calling me that evening after my first evaluation to see how my first experience went and how I was feeling after the adjustment. I already recommended my whole family to him. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Klamath falls this is the place to go and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed." 9/20 TM

"Great doctor amazing staff, I always leave this place feeling much better than when I walked in." 9/20 DB

"Dr. Wallace and his team are amazing to work with. I was finally told the reason for my hip and low back pain that I have suffered from basically my whole life. With just 2 weeks of treatment I have seen a huge difference in pain and movement! I have finally seen some relief and it’s amazing. Dr Wallace is a true blessing. He takes the time with you to discover the route of your issues, answer all your questions and make you feel like a person. Thank you everyone at Pine Tree Chiropractic." 8/20 RR

"Pine tree chiropractic is the best office in town it’s very family oriented and super professional at the same time. Dr. Wallace is great I seen him back in 2011 after a bad car accident and recently began care with him once more and I’m on to a better quality life after having weekly adjustments!" 5/20 AD
"I have been coming to see Dr. Wallace for over ten years and I will never go anywhere else. The front office staff is always so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Wallace started seeing my daughter when she was diagnosed with AB epilepsy she was having close to 100 seizures a day and medicine was not helping he began working on her and reduced her daily seizures to almost zero. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and family oriented which makes my children who were scared of going to a chiropractor dry comfortable! I recommend him to everyone!" 5/20 NB
"Not only is the quality of care great at Pine Tree the staff is always kind and welcoming. Dr. Wallace really cares about his patients, and making them feel better. The massage therapist is also one of the best I’ve ever been too. If you are in the market for a new chiropractor I really recommend visiting Dr. Wallace and his staff at Pine tree!" 4/20 AZ
"Everyone who works there are the best!!!!" 2/20 KR
"I've been coming for a few weeks now and absolutely love everyone here. They're are prompt, friendly, and offer affordable services." 2/20 NW
"I feel great every time I visit. Very kind staff thank you" 2/20 EA
"Dr Wallace is a wonderful chiropractor. He is kind and friendly always...and his staff follow that example. Great place to go!!" 1/20 JB
"I've been coming here for a few months, after I had surgery. And I feel even better than I did before I needed the surgery. Dr. Wallace checks in with you to make sure that you're progressing every step of the way, and as good of a sign as it is for him to be weaning you off by making it so that you see him less and less and less often... It's definitely something you miss, is being able to be readjusted, and that feeling you have the rest of the day like you're floating when you leave. I can't recommend anyone else now." 12/19 AR
"Since I started seeing Dr. Wallace, my quality of life has improved exponentially! He's helped get me back on my feet and doing the activities I love again." 12/19 JD
"Really great professional staff! Helped out my lower back a lot! Wouldn’t go anywhere else but here!" 11/19 RH
"I went in with back pain in upper mid and lower back. After just one visit I could feel an immediate relief. Better yet Dr. Wallace is one of the most knowledgeable kind and caring doctors I have ever met. All the staff are very professional and considerate. If I had to choose anyone in town to be seen by it would be Pine Tree chiropractic! Thanks everyone there!!!" 10/19 DB
"After a car wreck in early September, I was referred to Pine Tree for adjustments and massage for my neck that was so tight I wasn't sleeping well.  After 6 weeks I am feeling my neck doesn't ache anymore.  They are all great and care about healing.  What a peaceful place to be, I am so thankful I went." 10/19 CF
" I'd already fallen in love with the services at Pine Tree Chiro. i.e. Sonar, electrical, manual adjustments.  When they added massage therapy, my god what a difference!  The adjustments last so much longer.  Patron for Life!."  4/19 

"Pine Tree Chiropractic and the whole team here is hands down the best thing I've had in my life in over 2 decades...except grandkids.  Absolutely the best friends and treatment you could ever want. Thank you." 4/19  NW

"With the help of Pine Tree Chiro and Scott Wallace, I am walking with a stride again instead of a shuffle and less pain entirely." NW 1/19

"After seeing Doctor Wallace, I feel better than I have in over 20 years.  Before Doctor Wallace adjusted me I suffered with pain due to multiple broken bones and accidents from 40 years of working with livestock.  Thank you Dr. Wallace and Pine Tree Chiropractic staff."  DD 12/18

"This is a great place of healing. The staff and Dr. Wallace are so kind gentle and professional! Its truly amazing how much movement I have after just a few visits. Within a few minutes of being there on my first visit Dr. Wallace was able to diagnose a condition that no other doctor has been able to for 10+ years.
I highly recommend this office for treatment to any one experiencing neck, back or body pain ....its working for me." JH 11/18

"Came in limping.  Got mobility back.  Moving excellent.  Have had MS for 18 years.  So my mobility is truly a blessing that I have been told will lose but still have.  Thanks to all assistance I have received."  CM 10/18

"I was in a MV accident and was referred to a Physical Therapist, after several appointments I decided that PT wasn’t for me and soon after I started seeing Dr. Wallace. I instantly started feeling the difference. He is amazing at what he does and the staff is equally as amazing, very friendly and attentive to your needs." AZ 10/18

"I was in an ATV accident in January. I had a lot of broken bones and was non weightbearing for 8 weeks. In August, after a lot of physical therapy my back started hurting to the point I couldn't move sometimes. I went to Dr. Wallace and he has been adjusting my back and now I am totally pain free. I started seeing results right away! Thank you Dr. Wallace!" JB 10/18

"Dr. Wallace and his staff are an amazing and friendly group. Dr. Wallace went above and beyond a temporary solution of getting an adjustment in order to find the underlying problem for a long term fix. I've never been to another chiropractor in Klamath Falls and I don't plan to! I will recommend Pine Tree Chiropractic to anyone!" LW 2/18

"Wonderful place staff is knowledgeable, helpful and caring.  Dr. Wallace is an amazing knowledgeable Dr.  The respect and care is above the board.  I highly recommend Pine Tree!"  CD 1/18 

"Earlier this summer the clinic was able to get me in for an “emergency appointment” due to neck pain. I was on my was to the first of many wildfire assignments unfortunately for the summer/fall and now into winter. The assessment, adjustments and care I received worked and I was able to continue information the public about wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. Long hours and sleeping in a tent would have been impossible without that appointment. It was my first time to a Chiropractor and it made all the difference. Thanks so much, I am eternally grateful." SS 12/17

"When my 80 year old husband came to see Dr. Wallace for lower back pain he was hoping for a little relief.  After his first treatment he felt better than he had in years!"  DT 9/17

"After many years of Chiropractic treatments and explaining my pain to the different doctors then getting the different types of treatments, Dr. Wallace is the only Dr that actually adjusts the tailbone where all my pain is coming from." MH 5/17

"Dr. Scott Wallace is the only chiropractor that has ever helped me thru every horse accident he has been there for me." PD 6/17

"If you have never been to a Chiropractor to be adjusted, this is the chiropractor to go to.  I felt an improvement after the first visit.  I was very impressed."  AM 5/17

"Every other week I come to get adjusted, and it's such a relief, Dr. Wallace makes my joints feel better.  Everyone here is friendly and kind.  Love coming here wouldn't go anywhere else."  LS 4/17

"I have learned don't wait so long to see your chiropractor, it has been 5 years and so much had to be done, I am feeling so much better. Thank you." HJ 3/17

"I am 50 years old and have never been to a chiropractic before I hurt my neck and was in such pain for a week came in to pine tree and was 50 percent better within 2 days what a awesome job also Dr Scott wallace called me when he was off work to see how I was doing after my first visit. What a great person he truly cares for people and his patients forever grateful thank you doc." MJ 3/17 

"Dr. Wallace & his staff are amazing!" SK 12/16

"Great place to get an adjustment and massage" DW 11/16

"The team at Pine Tree is amazing. They are truly skilled in the art of healing. But they go beyond physical health, they care about you and take the time to get to know about your life. I guarantee you will leave their clinic feeling better in all facets of life." HP 11/16

"I work with horses on ranch every day.  The only way my body keeps going is because of my Pine Tree chiropractic sessions."  PD 9/16

"All I can say is Thank you, Thank you.  Dr. Wallace is awesome - I'll be back for sure."  SA 8/16

"Dr. Wallace is amazing, gets me back and good as new every visit."  BX 6/16

"Dr Wallace and his staff are awesome. They always fit me in at the last minute and always make me feel cared for and welcome. Dr Wallace explains my injuries to me and their impacts and you can tell he actually cares. He takes time to make sure I am taken care of and he doesn't brush my pain off like some doctors do. Pine Tree is great you will not be disappointed." CC 4/16

"Absolutely love Dr Wallace and all the staff at pine tree chiropractic! He has made a huge difference in my sons life. From daily headaches that were migraine equivalent and never sleeping through the night so no headaches, feeling way better, and sleeping all night. The staff are all friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended them!" JM 3/16

"Our family have been patients of Dr. Wallace off and on for 18 years. He listens to your concerns and takes time to address them. The advice he gives consistently helps if you follow it! I have tried other chiropractors with mixed results. My husband even found relief with his back and he has always been a skeptic." 3/16

"Always so wonderful and always on time! I have two kids and I usually bring them with me and the are very flexible with my schedule!" AR 1/16

"Dr. Wallace has taken care of my chiropractic needs not only for regular maintenance, but through four pregnancies. He has also been a great resource for nutrition and general health needs." VL 1/16

"I love coming in and seeing the smiling faces, hearing the encouraging music, and the service overall! They helped me get back to health after a car accident, and I'm so grateful for the top-notch care I've received. There is a selection of magazines available in the waiting room, but don't let that deceive you about the wait time, because they are extremely fast! I love going to every single visit." 12/15

"Very professional, polite and friendly. You are greeted as soon as you walk in the door. I have met all of the staff and they are great. Dr. Wallace is very professional and will take the time to explain your issues to you should you ask. Definitely worth the visit." DJ 11/15

"Dr. Wallace has been the reason I am still able to walk.  The staff is very enjoyable and helpful.  I would and have recommended them to anyone."  KC 10/2/2015

"My daughter has had ear problems (fluid, infections, hearing loss) since a very young age.  I brought her in to see Dr. Wallace as a last resort before having tubes put in her ears.  We had amazing, immediate results and have not had any problems since!  I would highly recommend Dr. Wallace for any physical problems before surgery etc." ZV 9/9/2015

"I have had great success with my treatments at Pine Tree and really enjoy the friendly atmosphere.  Dr. Wallace is great." JH 8/17/2015

"I had struggled with headaches and numbness in my hand for a long time.  Within a period of two months Pine Tree Chiropractic has helped me with my symptoms, given me the ability to use stretching to maintain headache-free between adjustments and I no longer require pain medication.  I am so grateful for the care I have received and the results!" J 8/14/2015

"I have been a patient at Pine Tree for many years and all my experiences have been helpful and positive.  The staff are amazing, professional and full of joy.  I look forward to every visit.  My overall health has been better since I've been a patient here."  8/12/2015

"I came in because my back was hurting constantly and wasn't being fixed by any other chiropractor, since coming to Pine Tree my back has been getting better.  I am very thankful for Dr. Wallace."  BC 7/29/2015

"I have been with Dr. Wallace for almost 20 years.  I have been able to avoid surgery and feel I may not be walking without his help.  I know my Quality of life is much better."  JM 4/17/2015

"Dr. Wallace has been so helpful & supportive & educational in many ways.  I keep coming back for a purpose because Dr. Wallace cares.  Thank you so much." Lori 3/31/2015

"These orthotics are the best I have ever had.  I can walk longer without pain, my back and ankle pain has reduced dramatically since Dr. Wallace put me into them.  I tell all my friends.  Will definitely buy again when they wear out." Jeannie 2/20/2015

"Scott is such a kind and caring man, and he knows and listens to all of his patients.  So thankful to know him and he is able to adjust me and make me feel wonderful.  Thanks"  Renee 8/25/2014

"I have always (for many years) had the utmost care from Dr. Wallace and all of his "crew".  He keeps me "going" with all my health problems."  7/25/2014

"The service at Pine Tree has always been exceptional.  The staff are friendly and Dr. Wallace is world-class, genuine, welcoming and professional, I would recommend them to everyone...and have."  Josh 5/16/2014

"Thank you Dr. Wallace and staff.  You once again made me whole and pain free.  I would advise all, to allow you to give them a new outlook on life.  You are the greatest.  From the bottom of my heart, again Thank You."  William  5/30/2014 

"As a long term client with Dr. Wallace at Pine Tree Chiropractic I have enjoyed a renewed physical health.  I have many back issues and with the care I receive at Pine Tree I know my overall health is better." Karen 4/11/2014

 "Dr. Wallace and his staff have done wonders for our family!  We would recommend anyone needing treatment to see them!"  Susan 3/14/2014

 "Feeling great after being out of "adjustment" for a long time!  Could barely walk in but I am walking out sooo much better!  Thank you Thank you!"  Laurie 3/10/2014

 "After taking a fall on my icy driveway I made an appointment with Dr. Wallace.  Luckily nothing broken only bruised.  Dr. Wallace worked on areas that were out of align and by that afternoon I was in much better shape."  D.A. 2/14/2014

 "Dr. Scott Wallace has been treating me since the 1990's and each time I see him I feel better.  Up to 95-100% better."  3/5/2014

 "To be out of pain is an amazing thing.  In one treatment Dr. Wallace was able to relieve my neck pain.  I had stopped going to the chiropractor because the adjustments hurt worse then the actual pain I came in for.  Thank you Dr. Wallace for adjustments without pain.  My neck feels amazing.  WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!"  Anne  2/14/2014

 "I spent over a year in pain and paying for expensive treatments that helped very little.  Dr. Wallace took care of the problem in less than 30 seconds because he knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it."  J.J. 2/5/2014

 "Migraines and numbness relieved after years of pain. Only five weeks of treatment and never felt better for past two years."

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