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We are pleased and excited to announce that Dr. Garrett Wallace has joined Pine Tree Chiropractic and has begun clinic hours starting August 2022.

Our Immune System and Our Environment: Internal and External

The foundation of our immune system begins before birth and continues as we allow it to grow and be strengthened. We can suppress our immune by several ways: poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, nervous system dysfunction, and overuse of medication. Compound these practices by months, years, or decades, and a deterioration in health will inevitably result. This is known as the Calisthenic Dynamic: what is used gets stronger, what is unused weakens and get lost.

The categories of our body can be described as cells, tissues, organs, and systems. At a cellular level, our antibodies, white blood cells, and lymphocytes must work to combat inflammation and infection. Mucous membranes are strategically placed in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. Signals allow for recruitment to sites of inflammation for cellular combat. This process is continually occurring in our body. Lymphatic tissue (nodes and vessels) allows for cellular recycling back into the circulatory system to continue the healing process.

As the above quote tells us, to strengthen our body’s defense system, we must allow for confrontation and combat to occur. Overmedication is a detriment to the overall strength of the immune system, and a reliance on exogenous support creates a negative feedback loop in the brain to decrease production of the body’s natural hormones and neurotransmitters that engage immunity. Increasing nutritious foods, adding natural supplements and vitamins where needed, and allowing your body to naturally battle minor infections lead to strengthening your immune system.

Adding consistent exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, lifting weights) is a great way to improve your immune system by strengthening your cardiovascular system. The heart is the pump for the cardiovascular system, but skeletal muscle contraction is the pump for the lymphatic system, increasing your cellular recycling turnover rate!! Another great reason for consistent exercise.

Improving overall gut health is key to strengthening your body. Our macro and micronutrients feed our cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Increasing vegetable servings to 2-3 per day, swapping processed snacks for fruit and nuts, increasing omega-3 fatty acid intake are all simple changes that can reap large rewards. What we drink has a large impact on our gut. Decreasing alcohol consumption and sugary beverages such as soda, sports and energy drinks can help satiety and hydration levels.

So many physical changes are influenced by our behavior. Often, we need a tipping point in life to help us make changes, but the greatest changes are made slowly. Setting small, attainable goals that continue to progress allow for milestone successes. A small rudder changes the course of the large ship, as small decisions can make large changes in our life.

How can chiropractic help this? The nervous system is the master system, controlling every function in our body. Insults to the nervous system may be at the root core of the communication between the brain and the body. Adjustments to the spine can reduce nervous system insult. We support the adjustment and the adaptation to the nervous system with therapeutic exercise, dietary modification, and lifestyle changes that help create long term improvements. Let us know if we can help make changes for you to improve your immune system, health, and quality of life.

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Dr. Wallace, Dr. Maguire, and the Pine Tree Chiropractic Team

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