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Established in 1980  

Dr. Wayne Nelson

Pine Tree Chiropractic is a practice that emphasizes a holistic and natural approach to capturing and maintaining health; self-reliance and empowerment is emphasized. At Pine Tree Chiropractic, we stress a multi-faceted integrated approach to health involving Chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Each individual is thoroughly evaluated and provided a personalized and tailored treatment program. Dr. Wallace ensures that your health care is appropriate to your own health care needs and desires and is sustainable for you to maintain over time. Dr. Wallace maintains an excellent relationship with the health care community to ensure proper and timely referral if needed. Dr.Wallace utilizes a diverse system of chiropractic that allows treatment of a wide variety of conditions, and is able to customize chiropractic care to individual needs.

Pine Tree Chiropractic was established in 1980. The clinic has had to move from its original site on Klamath Ave, as patient growth forced Pine Tree Chiropractic to move to its current site on Crosby Ave. Pine Tree Chiropractic is in a comfortable, 4000 sq. ft. facility that offers Rehab, X-Ray, Massage Therapy and a large physical therapy area.




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