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Motor Vehicle accidents
Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's) offer a unique and often challenging problem for the patient and the physician. Often the damage to the vehicle is slight (referred to as a Low impact Collision or LIC) and is dismissed by the insurance company or the medical Dr as being not significant to cause injury. Meanwhile, you are in significant discomfort and often barely functional. These whiplash injuries or non whiplash injuries, create a spectrum of symptoms referred to as "Whiplash Associated Disorder" or WAD. Symptoms that fall under the WAD spectrum include, but are not limited to, dizziness/vertigo, irritability, excessive fatigue. emotional vulnerability, PTSD type symptoms, severe Headache and visual disturbances. Medicine primarily masks symptoms and may give you a false security about your healing.  Chiropractic treatment has proven to be among the safest and most effective means of restoring your health.
The Doctor of Chiropractic is uniquely qualified  to most appropriately address these type of injuries. Knowing and understanding the 3 phases of soft tissue healing, and addressing all the phases appropriately and timely is vital. It is critical to receive early and aggressive treatment, addressing all the aspects of the injury. Gentle, safe and appropriate manipulation to influence and enhance joint function, soft tissue work to reduce pain and optimize the soft tissue healing, both short and long term, and rehabilitation to ensure long term resolution and optimum function. Influencing the outcome of the soft tissue healing process is critical to the eventual overall outcome of your case.
At Pine Tree, we emphasize a global approach to your treatment and will follow you through the entire process, from acute injury, through rehabilitation and recovery, providing all the necessary and vital components of treatment at one office.
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