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Miraculous Healing

I became a patient of Pine Tree Chiropractic, a well respected Klamath Falls chiropractor, early in May of this year. One evening this past April a full-sized pick-up, speeding along at about 60 miles per hour, crashed broadside into the driver’s door of my pick-up a couple of blocks from my Klamath Falls home. I thought I was going to buy the farm.

Thankfully, I was alone in the vehicle that evening and though I could easily have been killed, only suffered a wrenched back and a few bruises. Both pick-ups were a total loss.

I needed a good chiropractor and thankfully was referred to the doctors at Pine Tree Chiropractic, a good conservative and a skilled practitioner. After I had paid the good doctor a few visits in an attempt to alleviate my stiffness and discomfort, my daughter began asking me to make an appointment for her, which I eventually did.

The first thing the doctor does with most new patients is take a series of x-rays to determine the status of their neck, back, and pelvic region before commencing therapy. On Becky’s first visit, after taking the x-rays and reviewing them, the doctor called me into the x-ray display room. There he showed me Becky’s x-rays and solemnly informed me that my daughter’s pelvic basin was grossly distorted. In fact, he said Becky’s rotated pelvis was one of the worst cases he had ever seen and might even threaten her ability to bare children, at least naturally.

I stared at the x-rays in stunned disbelief. The image was clear. So clear, in fact, that the distortion in Becky’s pelvis was even obvious to the untrained eye. The doctor told me he would be happy to treat her, but did not know how successful treatment would be, because one leg was 15mm. shorter than the other and the pelvis was rotated 20mm.

We decided to go ahead and let him commence therapy. A couple of months passed and one night Cindy and I got a call from Becky, who was at the youth service at our local church. “Jesus healed my back tonight,” she said excitedly. “Pastor Wes decided to pray for kids who needed healing and I had him pray for my hip,” she explained.

Before we could respond, she continued, “It was a miracle. I felt my hip move when he prayed for me and I want to get a new x-ray so I can show people what the Lord did for me.”

We rejoiced with her over the phone and also later when she returned home, but never made an appointment for new x-rays. It wasn’t that we didn’t believe God heals people. I have seen and experienced a few miracles myself, so I know God does such things. It was just that I didn’t want to get a new x-ray for Becky and see my daughter disappointed, if nothing was evident on the film.

However, it was my daughter who had felt the movement in her body the moment she was prayed for, and she was not to be denied by a cautious father. She kept insisting that we schedule her a new appointment. Before finally relenting, I asked her to explain one more time what it felt like when she was prayed over, to which she responded, “Well, it kind of hurt. I felt things move inside me.”

That was the last straw. On my next visit, I told Pine Tree Chiropractic Becky’s story, to which the doctor simply responded, “Bring her in and we’ll take a look.”

It had been three weeks since she had last seen the chiropractor when my wife took her in to get new x-rays. Sometime that morning, I saw I had missed a call on my cell phone and had a new voicemail. It was from my daughter, telling me to please go to the doctor's office and check out the new x-rays. Her voice sounded excited. Apparently, the news was good.

I jumped into my truck and hurried in to see the results for myself. When I arrived at the chiropractor’s office, I asked the lady at the front desk if I could see my daughter’s miracle x-rays. She smiled broadly and informed me that she had been bouncing around the office all morning after seeing the x-rays for herself. She quickly put them up on the screen for me to look at while we waited for the doctor to come in.

There they were, plain as day, two very different looking x-rays. The skeletal parts looked the same, but they were sort of in different places and at different angles. The doctor had drawn lines on the new X-rays where he had measured the new alignments, especially in my daughter’s pelvic region. Where the lines were diagonal on the old film, they were horizontal on the new ones. The spine, which was way off to one side in the old film, was right down the middle in the new one. The changes in alignment were major and undeniable.

Finally, the doctor came in and in more technical terms pointed out to me the differences between the two films. I asked him to explain the differences in writing, so I could share our family’s happy news with others. Here is what he wrote, rather dispassionately.

“Becky presented with chronic Low Back pain. Her initial x-rays demonstrated a significantly rotated pelvis (20mm) and an insufficient (short) right leg (15mm). Her pelvic basin was as a result, grossly distorted. Several months later, Becky reported a “pop” in her hip that occurred while being prayed over in a healing service. She requested follow-up x-rays to validate her sense that her pelvis was well. Subsequent x-rays demonstrated a marked change in her pelvis. Her leg length differential was 2mm and the rotation in her pelvis was negligible. Additionally her pelvic basin appeared normal and symmetrical.”

Before writing this column, I asked the doctor during a subsequent visit, if there was any way Becky could have been standing funny when the first x-ray was taken. He informed me that he watches for that when he takes x-rays and that if she had been standing funny, other things in the x-ray would have been twisted as a result. He pointed out that in both x-rays her spine was nice and straight, because in both cases she was standing straight.


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